DIGITAL LED DC system: how does it work


Do you want to improve the reliability and quality of light on your Lambretta?

With the DC LED Digital system (direct current) it is now possible!
This electrical system can be used with ANY 12V electronic ignition and can be installed on all Lambretta LI LIS SX TV DL GP models.

Advantages in installing a DIGITAL DC LED system:

  1. using the original components it is possible to have 80W on the front light (adopting a battery) and all other LED utilities (odometer lamp, position and rear stop);
  2. avoids unpleasant inconveniences and ground loops as it is already prepared with all ground cables for front and rear light;
  3. it is possible to always have lights at maximum power even with Lambretta off and lights always stable (just “FLASH”) at maximum light intensity when the engine is at idle and at low speeds as the system has a branch to connect a charge battery with special bracket in the top case.
  4. key control of the digital Sip odometer without having to install additional cables, drill holes or add unsightly buttons.

What you need to have a Lambretta in DC (direct current) with LED:

ADVICE: with the use of the DIGITAL DC LED system, the use of a key block (3 positions) is recommended to obtain the maximum safety of your Lambretta.

Let’s analyze the shots of the 3-position key block:

  • click 0 will only work Rear stop LED “pressing the pedal”
  • click 1 only the rear stop LED will work by “pressing the pedal” and no other users on, thus isolating the electrical system
  • click 2 digital Sip ignition (if installed) + Front light position LED + Rear stop LED “pressing the pedal” + Rear position LED
  • click 3 digital Sip ignition (if installed) + Front light position LED + Rear stop LED “pressing the pedal” + Rear position LED + Front light 80W LED

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