Lambretta Hexagonal Cable Clamps: presentation and assembly

Composition of the set of Hexagonal Cable Clamps::

  • 2 Trunnion low (Innocenti code: 15022008)
  • 1 Trunnion high (Innocenti code: 19032003)
  • 3 Grub (Innocenti code: 15022009)
  • 3 discs (Innocenti code: 15022011)

For Lambretta LI LIS SX DL GP models.

Why do we recommend using the hexagonal head cable clamp set?

The hexagonal cable clamp set, thanks to the fine-pitch fixing grub, guarantee maximum tightening between the cable and the wear-resistant brass disk.
The brass disk offers the possibility to reuse the cables even after multiple tightenings without cutting or damaging / irreparably deforming the cables.
The practical hexagonal shape of the head of the clamp allows you to support the clamp on the various engine rocker arms without going crazy, as happens with the original clamps.


Assembly instructions

  1. pass the cable through the hole in the cylinder
  2. insert the brass disk (slightly rounded part vs the bottom) inside the cylinder above the cable. In this way the cable will not come into direct contact with the grub, favoring a longer life of the cable itself.
  3. screw the grub with the appropriate Allen key

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