CLUTCH SPRINGS: which ones to choose

Molle DL 200 Frizione

Don’t know which clutch springs to use with your clutch? Read here ⬇️

The hardness of a clutch spring is influenced by:

  • by the thickness of the spring wire
  • by the number of turns
  • from the production material
  • from the overall length

Scooterthefero offers 2 types of clutch springs for Lambretta LI LIS SX DL GP models.

  1. STF – DL 200 Clutch Spring Kit with compression load equal to the original ones. Suitable for standard engines and medium power tunings (up to 14-16 hp).
  2. STF – Reinforced Clutch Spring Kit with 30% more to resist up to 30 hp. Better grip of your clutch to avoid annoying slipping at full power!

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